40th TAKTA anniversary!!

2018 is a special year for our team and our label because it is our 40th birthday. 40 years in which we changed a lot. This is why we would like to tell you our nice story.

We began our work in the sixties with cane, wood and plastic cots. Constantino Calatayud was  the owner of the company. At that time, the company wasn’t only focused on producing children and baby furniture; in fact our core business was the production of  home and generic furniture.

Some years later, Constantino’s two sons, Ángel and Vicente, took the control of the company. In 2010, they thought that , keeping up with what his father started, was a good idea and for this reason they created with enthusiasm the first collection of baby and children furniture called KUADROS. This collection was simple but very elegant.

The good acceptance that this first collection had, pushed the two brothers to create new collections.

In 2011, Mareta collection was created; it is caracterized by  straight lines and white lacquer.

Then, in 2014, they gave birth to Isabela that is one of our most elegant collections. It combines style, beauty and functionality.

A year later,  they produced Marina and Paola.

Marina is our most customizable collection because it has a wide range of handles available in different colours that each customer can combine with the cot he like the most.

Paola is a sweet collection with simple lines that create a very elegant space for your baby.

In 2015, CLS collection was launch onto the market. It is our most high-level collection and it is characterised by straight lines,  finished in white lacquer and  double bunk beds which are easily transformed in two little beds.

In the same year, they also create Geometric collection, a modern collection that includes a large range of cots and trundle beds.


In TAKTA we are always thinking about how to make our products better and, by following this guide line, this year we created a mini cots collection made entirely by aluminium.  These cots are easily transportable and demountable.




In 2016, Nature arrived; it is a collection that looks back to our origins. It has straight and simple lines and combines the white colour and the natural colour of the wood. This contrast makes the baby space, a calm  and peaceful space.

Last year, we created the Nature White version that maintains the essence of nature collection but with a more functional design.

Our story finishes with Martina collection.  The procuction began last year and in it, we put all our kindness. It is one of our most special collection and  it is based in María Montessori’s philosophy; all the furniture are created to encourage the baby self-development.

These are all our collections that you can see in more details at https://takatatuprimermueble.com/web/colecciones-mobiliario-infantil-juvenil/

Today we have the same excitement that we had when we created  our first collection. As always, we want the best for yours children and we constanty think about their security . This is the reason why our furniture comply with the CEE law.

Finally, but not less important, we want to appreciate your trust in our team.

Thank you for the first 40 years with us and thank you for all those years that will come!






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