Finally, Summer is here!!

What are you going to do for these holidays? Are you going to the sea or to the mountain? Whatever you do, if you have children, there are some advice we want  to give you.

Here below, you will find a guideline in which we gathered special tips in order to help you living a summer without bed surprises:


  1. One of the most important things when you go out with children is to put them cream. Nevertheless, pay attention because creams are not identical. The SPF must be 50+. Doctors recommend putting  the cream thirty minutes before going out. Moreover, if you and your child are going to stay  for a long time to the beach or to the mountain, the cream has to be applied each hour.
  2. Besides the cream, it’s also important to look for shaded areas in order to protect babies from the sunrays. If you are going to the beach, you would better to take an umbrella!
  3. It’s also important to cover babies’ heads with a cap or a headscarf.
  4. You better avoid hours between 12h and 17h because these are the hours in which the sun is hotter.
  5. Maintain children well hydrated. Babies are more vulnerable to dehydration than adults. That is why you have to take for your children special precautions in summer.
  6. Take care of babies’ diet. Like adults, babies lose their appetite in summer because of the warmth. Don’t worry, and give them more liquids.
  7. Heat strokes, goodbye.  To avoid heat strokes, you must protect babies from the direct sunrays, by covering their heads, by avoiding the hottest hours and by giving them water and fresh dishes.


We hope these advice could help you to spend nice holidays with your children and to enjoy your summer.

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