When they grow up: How to change to children’s furniture

Parents must take into account when they organize the baby’s bedroom that in three years, the babies will grow and it is time to renew their bedroom.
Below you have some tips to renew the bedroom in a cheap and simple way.

Changes: yes, but not an extreme makeover

Although, our babies have grown up, children are familiar with their cots, their bedroom’s colours… Therefore, changes must not be so radical because we can overwhelm them. The best option for babies, it is to acquire a cot convertible into bed.

Convertible furniture

Convertible furniture is more expensive than buying a cot, but by far outweighs the cost because you are buying two pieces and it will lasts more than a decade. Undoubtedly, it is the best option also for babies as they will sleep very calm because they will always be in the same bed.

More space

Babies are most of the time in their bedrooms playing or doing their homework. Consequently, it is essential that the bedroom have a lot of space so that the baby can play with a greater comfort.
If you have not acquire a cot bed at first, the best option is to buy a trundle bed. The trundle bed is not only a bed because it has in its inferior part drawers where you can store so many things like clothes, toys…

Bedroom colours

It is no required to renew the wall colours as they already have so many changes in this period of life: in their bedroom, in their furniture, etc. Moreover, in the next years, children will change their preferences and it is more recommendable to change colours later. The best option is to choose the colour white for the furniture because it combines with both soft colours and vivid colours.

We hope that these tips will be very useful and simplifies you he transitional period of the baby.”

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