Finally we can show you some pictures of our new  MARTINA COLLECTION, which is based in MARIA MONTESSORI’S philosophy.

The name Martina starts with the letter M-A.R as Maria, so we thought that was a good idea that this collection would have part of her name. Moreover, the name Martina is of latin origin and it indicates a woman who love to learn new things about the world; it is dedicated to Mars God, it is associated to observer women who pay attention to all that surround them;  These characteristics are perfectly related to Maria Montessori method that now we are going to explain you.

A hundred years ago, Dr. Montessori (1870 – 1952) conceived a new educational method based on stimulation and respect. Supplementing this method with her training in medicine, psychology and anthropology, Maria Montessori developed a brand new educational philosophy based on children real observation.


Maria Montessori said that: “Children, with their high physical and intellectual potential, are a miracle in front of us. This fact must be transmitted to all the parents, teachers and people interested in children because education from the beginning could truly change the present and the future of our society. We have to keep in mind that the development of human potential is not determined by us. We can only serve the development of the child, because this is done in a space where there are laws that govern the functioning of each human being and each development must be in harmony with the world around us and with the entire universe. ”

To create a Montessori space, we have to encourage the self-learning and the growth of the child. In these spaces, social, emotional and intellectual aspects have a primary role to respond to the needs of order and security. The characteristics of this “Prepared Environment” allow the child to learn without the permanent assistance and supervision of an adult.

The design of these environments is based on the fundamentals of simplicity, beauty and order. These space are thought to be bright and warm.

Our Montessori furniture is designed to allow the child to be independent. Materials and  furniture are lower and “child-friendly” in order that the kids could reach them easier.

As you can see in this first picture, all the furniture are lower, much more than the usual. Kids can take their clothes, toys or even go to bed alone without the help of their parents.

Our collection is different from all the others based on Montessori’s method because we wanted to combine the natural wood color with pastel colors in order that you could choose the combination you like the most. You can choose between 7 different colors: natural wood, white, roewood, nude blue, elegant grey, mint green and black.

Not all the products of this collection are based in Montessori method but all the collection has the same guiding line which is the wood natural colour.

Here you have an example:

In this picture you can see that we have also created a cot, a wardrobe and a chest of drawer higher than the normal Montessori furniture. We make it for those mums that prefer conventional furniture which are better adapted to the actual market. The cot can also be with our co-sleeping system that allows the baby to feel safe next to his mum.

In this second picture, you can see how our Green mint perfectly matches with wood natural colour.  Is it Isn’t it lovely?

Tell us what you think in the space at the bottom of the page. Your opinion is important to us!


At the end we want to share with you one of the best quotes of the Dr. María Montessori.


“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” 

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