Children furniture. Organize and distribute bedroom’s space in the best way

When children bedroom is concerned, the most important is that the bedroom is large and practical. That is why when we are going to acquire our children furniture; we have to take into account two points.

The measure of the bedroom does not matter if we do not know how to use the space. Here, children furniture play an important role.

Furniture for children’s room (from 0 to 3 years)

Muebles infantiles

During this time, the main furniture is the cot. Nevertheless, in the first months the most practical solution is that the baby sleep in a mini cot in their parent bedroom. Once this stage has passed, babies will sleep in a cot in their rooms.

We can choose between lots of cots according to the space we have. We can decide between a classical cot (60×120) and a cot bed (70×140). The last one is very practical because children can use it during next years.

Storage furniture for children is indispensable in children rooms. Chest of drawers are a good option for bedrooms but if we want to take advantage of the room space, we recommend you a chiffonier. The chiffonier is longer than the chest of drawers and it is tighter but it has more drawers than the chest of drawers.

Wardrobes are also necessaries in case we do not have a built-in wardrobe in the babies’ bedrooms.

Furniture for children’s bedroom (since 3 years)

Muebles infantiles

In this new period, our children have many changes and we have to adapt their bedroom to their new routines and activities.

They will not need a cot; they will need a new bed instead. We have many options like a basic bed, a bunk bed or a trundle bed. The last one, it serves us to storage things like clothes or toys. Depending of what we need, we will choose the bed that will fit in the children bedroom.

The children will need a desk and shelves in addition to storage furniture like wardrobes and chest of drawers because they will help us to organize and save more space of the bedroom.

When we organize our children bedrooms, we have to take into account that it has to be spacious because in three years, their bedrooms will be the place where our children will study and they will need to be comfortable.

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