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Get organized with Takta


Booties, hats, t-shirts, pants, shoes, socks, bodys… The list of garments for babies seems endless. Keep them in order and well organized for the time of dress to the small not to be chaotic is not an easy task. In this article we will explain to you effective techniques to sort the wardrobe of our little ones.

Keep in order the clothes of the baby is essential for not wasting time in search of garments each time it is necessary to dress the small. And especially in the first few months, when changes are more frequent due to the regurgitation and leakage in the diaper, which force parents to repeat this task several times a day.

To get changes of clothes for the baby easier, it is advisable to adopt certain guidelines in the closet

  • Classify the garments in as much detail as possible: size, long sleeve or short sleeve, colors, and even tissue type.
  • The clothes that you will use most often should be placed in areas of the closet more accessible.
  • Garments that are small, or that are no longer used, should be removed.
  • There is to be constant and maintain the established order when you save the clothes once washed.
  • Another key is to try to have all the pieces in the same room and in a place near the changing table for the baby.

In addition to these tips, there are ideas or tricks for keeping the clothes of children in the cabinets.

  The space for children’s clothes.

  The clothes of the baby are much smaller than the adult and take up less room when stored. Therefore, if it is used to organize the clothes in the small closet normal (not specific to children), you may be wasting a lot of space.

From Takta recommend a specific cabinet for the little ones, the entire space is designed for them and does not need to incorporate additional elements in order to have everything optimized.

Take advantage of the doors of the cabinets.

   The doors of the cabinets allow you to place and hang a few clothes on the child.

   The internal side of cabinet doors can be used to put some clothing of the child. One idea is to paste on the surface of small hooks adhesive in which to place articles of little weight, such as belts, straps and ties.

  Another possibility is to incorporate an organizer with compartments for sorting small items of underwear or socks and tights.


The hangers of the children.

The baby’s clothes should hang on hangers smaller, adapted to their size. In this way, it will keep its shape and shrink less.

To protect the most delicate of fabrics, and prevent you from slipping, a decorative idea is to wrap the coat hangers. This craft is very simple, does not require many materials or a great skill.

Dividers for baby clothes.

Found in the closet of the baby a specific garment is sometimes an adventure, if you are not organized. One option is to classify the clothes hanging on the bar by sizes or colors, and separate each group with a pretty dividers that can be done at home with some old compact discs (CDS), with a bit of cardboard or wood marquetry and cover them after with beautiful templates that can be printed on adhesive paper.


Three tips for storing the baby clothes.

The baby varies in size up to five times in a single year of life. The changes of the contents of the locker will be, therefore, constant. For this reason, it is advisable to store and keep with some order and sort the clothes that the small leaves of use.

These are three tips essential to perform this task of storage.

  • It is advisable to wash the baby clothes before storing it, to prevent the stain from drying and being impossible to remove when you use it again.
  • The hermetic boxes or bags when empty are the best options to store and prevent the clothes getting dusty or are affected by the moisture.
  • It is key to sort the maximum possible size (the first set, 1-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months), per season (autumn-winter, spring-summer), and even by color.With the help of a printer you can make labels to glue on the bags or boxes and thus be able to locate more quickly the garments

At Takta we know that it is very important to the space of the baby and we have a wide range of products for the storage of clothes. Wardrobes and chest of drawers, part of our catalog of products that you can consult, online, on our website.

We leave you some examples of decoration, and we encourage you to visit our online catalogue to discover more models and different publications about our products. We hope to inspire you for the future baby’s room.





   You can find more information, and details about our products on our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and in our online catalog.

  You can also contact us to receive additional information via e-mail info@takta.es in our telephone +34 96 229 01 51.

Take care of your baby in winter.


It is a time of cold, of crystals tarnished, heaters, etc, it Is with the winter when the ambient humidity varies and is something that we have to take into account and many times is overlooked.

Today we want to talk about the conditions that occur in winter and affect the baby, and the furniture small.


  To provide the best welfare to our baby, there are many factors why we worry, for example, the quality of the garments which he wore, the food, the hygiene… but sometimes we forget that a key element, as the environment of your room can be a trigger of health problems, or that the baby does not get adequate rest.

 Is the baby’s room, the place in which you will spend the most part and must be appropriate to their needs.


The excess of humidity in the atmosphere causes condensation problems in walls and windows, and this results in the appearance of small spots of mold, sometimes almost unnoticeable, and creates conditions favourable for the proliferation of the mites. This can negatively affect the baby’s health, as they may suffer allergic reactions or respiratory problems.

 It is important that we regulate the level of humidity in the environment in their optimal levels (these are between 40% and 60%, as you have explained in other articles on babies) and that we control thoroughly all the corners of the room to verify that the mold has not already appeared, especially in the corners less visible or backs of furniture, such as cabinets, dressers or low of curtains. It is also necessary to ensure that the blanket or pillows for our small not are wet, precisely to avoid the appearance of fungi and stains of moisture.

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The humidity also affects the furniture of our baby, from Takta we care because our furniture is perfect, but it is true that they do not cease to be wood and even that we try to ensure that the humidity does not affect them the least, is in your hands that these last a lot longer, so we recommend that you keep at bay moisture, and for this we recommend the use of products moisture.

These products absorb excess moisture from the environment and are very useful to avoid the problems of condensation, mould and mites.

Caring, and taking into account the factor of moisture, we help our baby to be more healthy and safe, and the furniture of our small to last in perfect condition until the end of its life without problems.


You can find more information, and details about our products on our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and in our online catalog.

You can also contact us to receive additional information via e-mail info@takta.es in our telephone +34 96 229 01 51.


New products distributed for Takta.


  The tissues are caused by the human need to protect yourself. In the neolithic, they began to weave the linen for summer and wool for winter. In ancient China, around the year 3000.c, since they were made of silk fabrics. The egyptians were able to also have fine fabrics of linen and cotton. In Mexico, the indians made their cotton fabrics and fibers, drawn and treated, the magüey.

And from then until now, the cotton, by its properties and characteristics, has been the ideal tissue for the kids of the house, but as everything progresses and evolves, this field can not stay oblivious to the change, and with it comes the tissue of the bamboo.

In Takta no we to pass these advancements and we have decided to distribute a mark of great design and quality as is BAMBOOM.

BAMBOOM is a brand that manufactures its garments with fibers of bamboo. This new type of textile fibers contribute to the garment 10 great functions that the cotton does not have by itself, without processing or adding addictive.

10 characteristics of the tissue of the bamboo.

1. Softness.

  The tissue resulting from the fibers of bamboo is as soft as cashmere. Forget about a tissue with beads or rough to the touch.

2. Respectful with the environment.

  This tissue does not pollute and does not need to process extra to treat the tissue.

3. Biodegradable.

  Failure to treat these fibers with chemicals and be natural in origin, it helps to be respectful with the environment, and that, during the recycling process, takes less time, and requires less processes for their degradation.

4. Anti allergen.

By characteristics of the bamboo, this is anti-allergenic. It helps the skin of the baby does not have allergies derived from products to treat the cotton.

5. Natural antibacterial.

The bamboo is antibacterial, and helps the bacteria do not breed on the fabric, which protects your baby in a natural way.

6. Absorption of moisture and sweat of the baby.

The bamboo has as a characteristic that it absorbs the moisture, thus also the sweat of the baby, which helps your skin to be dry and not irritated.

7. Resistant to uv rays.

The bamboo has a property that is to avoid that the ultraviolet rays pass through the tissue, so that the baby will be more secure and protected against these.

8. Reduces static electricity.

This tissue prevents the “calambrazos” caused by accumulation of static electricity produced by rubbing between the tissue or another tissue.

9. Breathable and deodorization.

This fabric has a very interesting property that makes it breathable and at the same time makes the sweat not smell, so that it has a deodorization effect. This effect is logical if we think that is breathable, that absorbs the sweat and moisture and at the same time it is anti-bacterial (odor from sweat is due to bacteria that “live” in the moisture of the skin).

10. Protects against infrared rays.

The infrared rays are responsible for the insolaciones and heat stroke (this is especially dangerous in the case of infants and children, because their system of thermoregulation is not yet developed at all, and is very sensitive.). The tissue of bamboo helps to protect the baby from those rays, avoiding its negative effects

If the features you seem to be a good option for the baby, imagine if we add to this quality and design.

Out of that union comes the collection of BAMBOOM, and thanks to Takta, as official distributor in Spain, in brief you can find it in our usual points and distributors.

 And as at TAKTA we always think of what is best for the babies, we have not been able to find a better match for you find all the best to them, from the quality and design of the minicunas, cots and furniture for children and young Takta, until the add-ons and textiles with the best properties and trends for the baby of BAMBOOM.

Then, we’ll leave you a sample of what is Bamboom.

emotionele foto jumpsuit-twinsetCuore_all

cappelino colour

2014-05-01 11.58.27






These and much more you’ll be able to find it in our usual points and official dealers.

You can find more information also on Facebook and Twitter, and find out all the news and tips in our news section.

You can also contact us to receive additional information on products, or any query, through e-mail info@takta.es in our telephone +34 96 229 01 51 or by filling in our contact form in Takta.com

The ideal temperature for your baby.


What is the ideal temperature for the little one when he is in the house? Do you take enough clothes? What will get cold while sleeping?… These and many other questions arise when the baby passes its first winter in the house…

 From Takta we will try to give answers to part of them, do you feel like?

 Many times we exaggerate with the temperature of the home, the ideal is that during the winter season, the temperature of the home should be between 19 and 22ºC. With this temperature, the small house can take a leisurely clothing of cotton fleece and it will not be cold.

And what about the home environment?

With respect to the environment, this should not be dry, but it should be a little wet. This is because the lack of humidity dries out the mucus in the airways, both for the baby as the greatest, which has the function of bringing the outside impurities that are inspired with air.

The recommended humidity to achieve a comfortable environment in the child’s room should be between 45 and 65%. For this reason we recommend using a humidifier to provide the moisture necessary to the environment.

 What should be the temperature when bathing the child?

If the room where you bathe the child is cold, warm it up previously, don’t forget that your hands may be cold, rub them to warm them before handling a baby.

By not having the protection of clothing, the temperature should be a little warmer than the rest of the home, and the water of the bath should vary between 36 and 37ºC.

 Our recommendation is that you check with a bath thermometer special for that function before submerging the baby.


 Once you have made the baby bath, it is advisable to dry and dress the baby in the same room where we bathed. In case of change in your bedroom, it should dry well and envolverle in a towel and have the room right destination, both in temperature and humidity in order to avoid cooling of the child.


  How you should cover the child at night?

During the night, the house should have a temperature of around 19-22ºC, with a relative humidity max. up to 65%.

The humidifier, which should turn on a couple of hours before the small is put to sleep, you will facilitate breathing. It is enough clothes with a pajama overalls, and cotton socks.

In the crib, just put a cotton sheet and a blanket of fleece or a duvet. If the small tends to uncover during the night, it is advisable to take away the blanket and clothes with a pajama thicker. And, finally, if you have to pick you up often in the nights, it will be very useful to have a lullaby, or blanket, hand.


   The minicot of Takta have side grille, instead of fabric, to help the perspiration, and that there is no excess heat during the stay of the baby in the minicot-cradle, and the cradles and minicot of Takta, they have a small mattress semi-rigid and measures about 10 inches high, perfect for the baby’s development.

 Remember that you should not cover the child above the shoulders, and is important to ensure a good grip on the clothing by both sides in the crib to prevent it from sliding on the head.


 A trick to know if you need more clothes or not, is to check the little hands of the baby, and/or the nape of the neck, throughout the night, if this is wet it is ideal to remove an item or remove the blanket, on the contrary, if this cold, we must add a garment more, this serves for the first few nights the change of season, in order to adapt the temperature.

At Takta we invite you to visit our online catalogue. In the you will find all the technical characteristics of all our products, in addition to details of models and tips on our news page. Also you can find more information in our social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

If you need further information on any product, you can contact us via e-mail info@takta.es in our telephone +34 96 229 01 51 or by filling in our contact form in Takta.es

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From Takta we wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous year 2017, that all your wishes will be fulfilled in the next year.


How do I care for the furniture in your baby?

Baby Reaching For Teddy Bear

    From the more remote times, wood was, as a general rule, one of the materials preferred for furniture, and it still is, but, currently, materials such as DM, have improved the qualities of the wood to make it more versatile and durable.

The DM is a type of material derived from wood that is often used in furniture, especially of children, and that provides a smooth finish, adding strength and homogeneizando and unifying the internal structure to give more stability to the whole.

Takta works with this material to get finished semi-mattes-perfect to give you elegance and will withstand all the jogging of smaller ones.


How to keep furniture like the first day?

To take care of the furniture made of this material , DM, we advise to use a soft cloth dampened with water and pass it over the surface lightly, in this way we eliminate the dust without scratching the furniture and leaving your brightness semi-matte finish, that characterizes Takta, intact.

The cleaning products that include waxes and other chemicals in its composition aren’t recommended since in the long term can damage and alter the finish of the furniture. Basically, the cleaning products used for furniture is not recommended because we can never know how they will react in the furniture and may cause damage to the finish and damaging.

Cleaning the space of the baby

Many times, first-time parents guilty of clean up in excess or don’t have a routine or guidelines.

From Takta we would like to advise a few guidelines recommended by the association of pediatrics of Spanish that we believe are appropriate.

Basic (every day)

  • Open windows.
  • Empty the bucket of diapers.
  • Make the crib.
  • Pick up the room in general, including clean clothes and dirty of the baby.
  • Sweeping or mopping.

Medium (once a week)

  • Clean furniture, including lamps and tables, as well as doors and keys to the light.
  • Change linens of the crib.
  • Sweep, mop, and scrub the floor.

To fund (once a month)

  • Clean Windows
  • Scrub the cradle and radiators
  • Clean up possible cobwebs of altillos

A fund (each 6 months)

  • Wash curtains and windows.
  • Empty cabinets and drawers and keep them tidy and clean.
  • To review the toys and remove broken or damaged.


At Takta we have opted, as always, by using quality materials and are long lasting, so that the children’s furniture and youth is like the first day. T

hat is why we have opted for the safe materials and quality. Takta has the PEFC certificate which proves that all the raw materials of our products (timber, boards, paint, etc) that we use for the manufacture of children’s furniture and youth, is approved and they are respectful with the environment, the workforce, and are safe for the kids of the house.

   You can find more information on our furniture, in our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and in our online catalog. You can also contact us to receive additional information via e-mail info@takta.es or in our telephone 34 96 229 01 51

What to give to a baby?

  Comes christmas time and we make gifts, or we just have to make a gift to the much-coveted newcomer, but… do you Know what is the best gift to give to a baby?

 The best way to know what to give to a baby is based on the own experience and the views of the parents, so that this detail is useful and not a junk that ends up in the bottom of a closet or worse…

Many times, before an gift for a newborn or baby, we raised the question of whether it better to ask the parents what they need, and to make a gift practical, or opt for a gift more personal and spontaneous.

Many times, the parents receive gifts for their baby that they do not need, do not serve them or, simply, do not go with your style or are not to your liking. In these cases, the baby gift, made with so much hope, it can end up stored in a place remote from the house, which is not pleasant for anyone.

 If you have to make a gift for a baby and do not know where to start, we will explain to you what are the gifts that more like the dads, and that are useful for small, as well as those from which you can save, so tend not to be very practical nor to everyone’s taste.

   Not always what it may seem practical to what ends up being in reality. However, some of the “gifts star” that you can do to a baby are those who, in addition to being beautiful, they have a practical sense for the day-to-day care of the baby.

Of course, the big gifts, such as the stroller or the cot, they tend to be gifts that make the family or most intimate friends. If these within this group, from Takta we can recommend you many models of cribs that sure will love it, and, among which, we have no doubt that will be the perfect for the baby and the parents.


   We have different options for handrails, as well as models of baby cribs that, thanks to simple changes, they can extend its useful life by transforming the crib into a cot for the next stage of the baby’s life.


   On the contrary, if you are not within the group of family members and close friends but you have that commitment, there are other gifts of average price, or lowest cost, that are also very useful for new dads, like the highchair travel, the hamaquita, humidifier, thermometer, a changing pad, cosmetic child or a minicot-cradle.


   This last is perfectly suited to the needs of the parents, as they can use it both at home and for travel. It is easy to carry and very simple to assemble and disassemble. A clear example of this is our B-SIDE (you can find out more about the minicot-cradle in our article).


     Another type of useful gifts for babies are those related to domestic security: the security barriers, which prevent the baby to be able to access the stairs or to any room, which is prevented to fall out of bed, and that will protect you from the dangers of the kitchen, for example.

If you’re not very inspired/a, a protective cap made of foam or a towel for the seat of the car, a sack to sleep on, a spare linen suitable for cunita, a portable changing mat or a toy that stimulates a baby’s development and that is appropriate to their age… In short, today, you can find a range of gifts, practical and beautiful for babies. The important thing is to respect the tastes and the needs of the parents.

   At Takta we invite you to visit our online catalogue. In the you will find all the technical characteristics of all our products, in addition to details of models and tips on our news page. Also you can find more information in our social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

   If you need further information on any product, you can contact us via e-mail info@takta.es or in our telephone +34 96 229 01 51

Sweet dreams for parents and babies with TAKTA.

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We all know that lack of sleep affects the mood and concentration of a person. Left to any deranged, evil, humorous moderator, and discouraged. If the parents do not sleep, patience with the baby, and the rest of the world, will be much less and that is not what we want to educate the baby and especially when you try to solve the problem that generates.

This week we want to talk about how to get a routine for baby to sleep comfortable (and dads too).

To begin, we must be clear that the sleep of the baby isn’t determined by the day and the night. A baby doesn’t know to differentiate the different moments of a day. How do we get that start to differentiate? Is that where you come in dads. It is they who, through lullabies, cuddling, massage, pampering, etc, they can encourage the dream and help build your clock, beginning to differentiate between day and night.

From birth to 4 months, more or less, babies sleep pull an average of 16 hours a day, but when it happens this time, is when we must begin to regulate your sleep and start with a routine for sleep.

This routine from the dream that is mentioned on all sides, is nothing other than a set of activities that on should always occur at the same time and that ends when the baby is asleep in her crib.

Example of a routine of sleep for the baby.

Before you bring the baby directly to your crib, you can follow these steps:

1.Begins the routine with a relaxing bath at the same time.

2.Continue with a little massage with moisturizer.

3.You can continue your pajamas with calm and talking in a low voice to keep up with the state of relaxation.

4.Can you give her dinner, keeping gentle contact with your baby, stroking him on the cheek, hands, etc…

5.Once you have eaten and been out the gas, with the baby in her arms, singing a lullaby in the baby’s room, without haste.

6.When you notice that the baby is relaxed, put it in his crib, clothe and wait without making noise that you will close eyes and sleep.

  Little by little, repeating the same process day after day, the baby will associate these steps with sleep time.

    This process can be initiated by the mum and to finish it off dad, you can do a day each, or whatever you can think of, but this routine, in addition to create a way to make him sleep more and better, you get to make stronger links with the parents.

  In Takta encourage you to be a routine shared, and involve both parents in her.

  In addition, we believe that the routine is basic, but so is the environment that is created. At Takta we think of everything, and we give you the option to recreate a warm and welcoming environment for the baby.

  We stock many models of cribs, minicots, and other furniture for children and youth-perfect to create a perfect environment for the babies.

   We leave you some examples of decoration, and we encourage you to visit our online catalogue to discover more models and different publications about our products. We hope to inspire you for the future baby’s room.





    You can find more information in our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and in our online catalog. You can also contact us to receive additional information via e-mail info@takta.es or in our telephone +34 96 229 01 51.

Cradle or Minicot ?: Important Reasons to Decant for Minicot.

Baby Reaching For Teddy Bear

Today, from the TAKTA, we want to solve the eternal doubt of the crib or on the minicot-cradle.

However, the minicot have a number of advantages, four in particular, that make them a must for dads-to-be. These are the mobility, the lack of space they use, the security and comfort that you provide for the baby, especially are great for when we travel or do we make changes in your environment

All of this makes it a piece of furniture excellent for the first few months of baby’s life.

 Closeness with the baby at all times.

The main reason that led us to create our minicots is to create a solution that allows parents to stay close to the baby, keeping the space of the baby.

The minicot-cradle is designed to be able to carry the baby everywhere. Parents will be able to carry it with them while they do the housework, change the child’s room if there are a lot of people that want to visit, put the minicot-cradle near the computer where they work or have their moment of leisure, etc… This will have a advantage emotional for the baby and for the person who takes care of you: you’ll both feel more united and safe.


A bed that does not occupy space.

The minicot are an excellent option for those families that have little space in your home, in addition to being cheaper than a crib normal.

In some cases, it is a perfect solution, for example, many parents want to sleep in the same room with their babies, but don’t have a bedroom large enough to introduce him to a crib size usual: the minicot-cradle would be the solution.


An excellent environment.

The minicots may seem that the baby has no space to move, but eventually we will have to move the child to a piece of furniture more large, during the first few months you will spend most of the time asleep and without too much activity.

In fact, after leaving the maternal womb, which calls for instinctively is a closed environment and protected, and if we put him in a crib big we will end up having to reduce the space of the crib with cushions. In addition, especially in the first months of life, the minicot-cradle gives us the greatest security options for the baby, since it is almost impossible to damage or escape.

How to choose the minicot-cradle proper?

The minicots of TAKTA are an increasingly popular option, for that reason, when choosing the model, we must observe the characteristics that it gives us.

1.- Dimensions.

The minicots is characterized precisely by its small size with respect to the cradles.

This size has two advantages. The first is that they create a more enjoyable environment, as we have told before, that the crib. The second is that the reduced dimensions make it easier to find you a room in the house.

2.- Security.

We value as a main priority the safety of the baby, so we will make sure that it cannot fall out of the minicot-cradle when you try to climb the edges.

  This becomes important when the baby passes six months and is able to enter and sit down. It is recommended for a height of 30 centimeters as our minicots.mini-cunas-45-1030x1030-copia

3.- Inside.

The inner lining of the edges must be soft enough so that the baby can’t hurt themselves by banging against it. As for the background, it has to be rigid and flat, in addition to also be padded.

4.- Mobility.

At some point we’re going to have to carry the minicot-cradle, so that we can see the weight and mobility.

Our models are made of aluminium and are below the nine pounds. Something to keep in mind is that if the minicot-cradle has wheels, much better, and these must have brake for safety.


5.- Wash.

All parts composed of tissue, especially the inner padding, must be able to be take out to wash independently. This will be very helpful to preserve the hygiene of the environment of the baby in a comfortable way.

All of these features and more, are the ones that meet our minicunas, as for example our minicot-cradle B-SIDE. You can read about it in more detail in previous articles of this page.


You can find more information about minicots in our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and in our online catalog.

You can also contact us to receive additional information via e-mail info@takta.es or in our telephone +34 96 229 01 51