We come back from Easter Holidays with a special April offer only for you!

Takta knows that coming back to work after some days of relax is very difficult. For this reason we want to make it easier with this super offer which is now available in our selling points. So, if you are thinking about renewing your baby’s room or if you are waiting for your baby, take a look to this fantastic offer.

Our monthly special offer consists in:

  • A set made by a NINET cot with fixed railing and a NINET chest of drawers for just 787€
  • You can also choose this set with our NINET cot with mobile railing and the same chest of drawers for 808€.
  • If you choose a co-sleeping cot, the set will cost only 847€.

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Do not miss the fantastic opportunity of getting a high quality bedroom with a low price!

Mums, you have not to feel worried about yours babies’ safety because our furniture complies with the CEE regulations.


Finally we can show you some pictures of our new  MARTINA COLLECTION, which is based in MARIA MONTESSORI’S philosophy.

The name Martina starts with the letter M-A.R as Maria, so we thought that was a good idea that this collection would have part of her name. Moreover, the name Martina is of latin origin and it indicates a woman who love to learn new things about the world; it is dedicated to Mars God, it is associated to observer women who pay attention to all that surround them;  These characteristics are perfectly related to Maria Montessori method that now we are going to explain you.

A hundred years ago, Dr. Montessori (1870 – 1952) conceived a new educational method based on stimulation and respect. Supplementing this method with her training in medicine, psychology and anthropology, Maria Montessori developed a brand new educational philosophy based on children real observation.


Maria Montessori said that: “Children, with their high physical and intellectual potential, are a miracle in front of us. This fact must be transmitted to all the parents, teachers and people interested in children because education from the beginning could truly change the present and the future of our society. We have to keep in mind that the development of human potential is not determined by us. We can only serve the development of the child, because this is done in a space where there are laws that govern the functioning of each human being and each development must be in harmony with the world around us and with the entire universe. ”

To create a Montessori space, we have to encourage the self-learning and the growth of the child. In these spaces, social, emotional and intellectual aspects have a primary role to respond to the needs of order and security. The characteristics of this “Prepared Environment” allow the child to learn without the permanent assistance and supervision of an adult.

The design of these environments is based on the fundamentals of simplicity, beauty and order. These space are thought to be bright and warm.

Our Montessori furniture is designed to allow the child to be independent. Materials and  furniture are lower and “child-friendly” in order that the kids could reach them easier.

As you can see in this first picture, all the furniture are lower, much more than the usual. Kids can take their clothes, toys or even go to bed alone without the help of their parents.

Our collection is different from all the others based on Montessori’s method because we wanted to combine the natural wood color with pastel colors in order that you could choose the combination you like the most. You can choose between 7 different colors: natural wood, white, roewood, nude blue, elegant grey, mint green and black.

Not all the products of this collection are based in Montessori method but all the collection has the same guiding line which is the wood natural colour.

Here you have an example:

In this picture you can see that we have also created a cot, a wardrobe and a chest of drawer higher than the normal Montessori furniture. We make it for those mums that prefer conventional furniture which are better adapted to the actual market. The cot can also be with our co-sleeping system that allows the baby to feel safe next to his mum.

In this second picture, you can see how our Green mint perfectly matches with wood natural colour.  Is it Isn’t it lovely?

Tell us what you think in the space at the bottom of the page. Your opinion is important to us!


At the end we want to share with you one of the best quotes of the Dr. María Montessori.


“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” 


All the staff that forms Takta want to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

These are days of dreams, presents, excitement, of going back to our chilhood, of spending time with our family and friends and also it is time of memories and nostalgia. Nevertheless it is also time of new purposes for this new year which is very close. 

We only want to wish you a lot of health, enjoy your time with your family and friends and we wish that you continue to form part of this family which we are in Takta.

The 2018 will arrive with excitement to Takta with the arrival of our new collection based on Maria Montessori’s philosophy and you can rest assure that you will love it as we do.

Last but not least, we want to say you that we are always at your disposal and we will work hard for you.

Have a nice holidays!


                                       MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


If you are thinking about Christmas presents, Takta makes it easy for you with this fantastic sale.

As you know, we did an special offer for the Balck Friday which will last until the 31 of December. You will find them in all our sales points.

Special offer available:

  1. If you buy a chest of drawers, a cot, a bedspread and  a baby bumper, we will give you for free a mini cot with its textile that you will choose. You can choose between Aspas mini cot ( worth at 159€/ 199€) and Puzzle mini cot (worth at 197€/ 237 €)

Do not let this fantastic opportunity to scape because surely, you have some relatives or yourselves waiting for a new born. What better Christmas present than having baby’s bedroom almost prepared foor his or her arrival thanks to Takta?

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Yesterday, Peques y Mamis girls wrote a post about our products and it comes with a surprise.

They did a giveaway of our mini cot Puzzle which is worth at 200€!!

Go to their website to see the requirements to participate in the giveaway and participate on it because we are sure that you have some relatives who need this cot or maybe you.

The link of the giveaway is below:



Take advantage of this because Christmas is here and you will avoid the horrible task of going to buy the best mini cot of the market.

What better present than a cot which is convertible, transportable and very easy to dismantle! Moreover, when you cannot use it, the cot is converted into a little table for your kids.

Good luck to all!!

Children furniture. Organize and distribute bedroom’s space in the best way

When children bedroom is concerned, the most important is that the bedroom is large and practical. That is why when we are going to acquire our children furniture; we have to take into account two points.

The measure of the bedroom does not matter if we do not know how to use the space. Here, children furniture play an important role.

Furniture for children’s room (from 0 to 3 years)

Muebles infantiles

During this time, the main furniture is the cot. Nevertheless, in the first months the most practical solution is that the baby sleep in a mini cot in their parent bedroom. Once this stage has passed, babies will sleep in a cot in their rooms.

We can choose between lots of cots according to the space we have. We can decide between a classical cot (60×120) and a cot bed (70×140). The last one is very practical because children can use it during next years.

Storage furniture for children is indispensable in children rooms. Chest of drawers are a good option for bedrooms but if we want to take advantage of the room space, we recommend you a chiffonier. The chiffonier is longer than the chest of drawers and it is tighter but it has more drawers than the chest of drawers.

Wardrobes are also necessaries in case we do not have a built-in wardrobe in the babies’ bedrooms.

Furniture for children’s bedroom (since 3 years)

Muebles infantiles

In this new period, our children have many changes and we have to adapt their bedroom to their new routines and activities.

They will not need a cot; they will need a new bed instead. We have many options like a basic bed, a bunk bed or a trundle bed. The last one, it serves us to storage things like clothes or toys. Depending of what we need, we will choose the bed that will fit in the children bedroom.

The children will need a desk and shelves in addition to storage furniture like wardrobes and chest of drawers because they will help us to organize and save more space of the bedroom.

When we organize our children bedrooms, we have to take into account that it has to be spacious because in three years, their bedrooms will be the place where our children will study and they will need to be comfortable.

Modern cots for babies’ advantages

Normally, when it is time to do the first purchases for the new born, future parent relatives and friends offer them furniture and items for babies that they have used before. Taking into account that new parents have to buy many things and there is a big economic outlay, it is not a bad idea but we have to differentiate between the items that can be reused and which cannot be reused. Among those that must be new are the cots. Modern cots for babies are the best option.

Why a modern and new cot is the best option?

Baby cotsCots are the place where the new born will be most of the time during their first months and years. This is why we have to choose a high-quality cot. At first sight, an old cot may seem acceptable for the baby. However, we must take into account that all the cots must be under the current European security legislation.

This legislation is created to ensure that cots are manufactured with quality materials and all its structure and characteristics are secure for babies.
For example, paint must not be toxic or bars of the cot must be separated in order that the baby cannot go out or be trapped between them.
These are some points that do not come to our mind at first, but they are of crucial importance for babies.
A modern cot will be always more practical than an old cot, since it counts with more benefits.
For example, having wheels for a cot it is very important because we can move our babies inside their cots to other rooms to supervise them.

Minicunas PuzzleMoreover, many modern cots are convertible nowadays.

There are various types of convertible cots like the mini cots, which are converted into a travel cot. They are very practical to go on holidays or to go to a relative house.
In addition, convertible cots are converted into beds.
We must take into account this option because we will be buying the future bed for our son or daughter and it will be a bed that we can be used for a decade.

As we said at first, maybe we can reuse some of our relatives items for our babies, but without doubt, we must acquire a new cot because we will be sure that we are choosing the best cot.

When they grow up: How to change to children’s furniture

Parents must take into account when they organize the baby’s bedroom that in three years, the babies will grow and it is time to renew their bedroom.
Below you have some tips to renew the bedroom in a cheap and simple way.

Changes: yes, but not an extreme makeover

Although, our babies have grown up, children are familiar with their cots, their bedroom’s colours… Therefore, changes must not be so radical because we can overwhelm them. The best option for babies, it is to acquire a cot convertible into bed.

Convertible furniture

Convertible furniture is more expensive than buying a cot, but by far outweighs the cost because you are buying two pieces and it will lasts more than a decade. Undoubtedly, it is the best option also for babies as they will sleep very calm because they will always be in the same bed.

More space

Babies are most of the time in their bedrooms playing or doing their homework. Consequently, it is essential that the bedroom have a lot of space so that the baby can play with a greater comfort.
If you have not acquire a cot bed at first, the best option is to buy a trundle bed. The trundle bed is not only a bed because it has in its inferior part drawers where you can store so many things like clothes, toys…

Bedroom colours

It is no required to renew the wall colours as they already have so many changes in this period of life: in their bedroom, in their furniture, etc. Moreover, in the next years, children will change their preferences and it is more recommendable to change colours later. The best option is to choose the colour white for the furniture because it combines with both soft colours and vivid colours.

We hope that these tips will be very useful and simplifies you he transitional period of the baby.”

Takta was in the sixth edition of the Madrid Childcare 2017 19th of October 2017

From the 5th of October to the 8th of October, in Madrid was held the sixth edition of Childcare Madrid, the professional saloon for Infancy Products and Takta could not miss it.

It is an unavoidable date for us because is the main childcare fair in Spain, where 315 professionals of the sector met. It is always a pleasure to take part in Childcare Madrid and this year Takta exhibited in premiere our new collections: Nature White and a collection based in Montessori’s method.  The last one, it is different to our previous collections and we are sure that you will be amazed because, as we said before, it is based in Montessori’s pedagogical method.

Takta Feria Puericultura Madrid Montesori

This method is based in encouraging as much as we can baby’s autonomy under the premise: “Help them to do it by themselves”

This is a very positive aspect during their first years as improves learning, promotes their self-development and increases their self-reliance.
On the other hand, we wanted to give new airs to the most demanded collection, which is Nature.

Its version Nature White maintains its essence, which is based in nature but with a more functional design and an original finished.

In this last edition, not only have we shown the novelties in young furniture, but we also have shown Bamboom novelties who we are distributors.

Takta Feria Puericultura Madrid

Bamboom is a fashion Italian label for babies with which we share the same philosophy that is based in the good taste, respect for nature and environment.

All their products are of first class quality and their objective is to join the concepts Eco and Fashion to obtain smart textile clothing that are created respecting the environment.

All their products are manufactured with organic bamboo, which is a natural material and its hypoallergenic.

This last Childcare edition was a special show for us and we are showing you all the novelties very soon, which we are sure, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Takta Feria Puericultura Madrid

Tips to decorate small children’s bedroom


When we are about to start with the decoration of a small children bedroom, it is probably that we feel discouraged by lack of space.

However, it is no necessary to be worried in advance because with this tips we are sure that you will decorate a small bedroom without any problem.

First step: measure the room

First, we should measure the small room to know the exact available space.

Second step: Choose the most important furniture, the bed.

The furniture should be adapted to the necessities of each family. This will depend on whether the bedroom is for a child or for more than one children.

If the bedroom is for a child, the best option will be to choose a convertible furniture or a trundle bed. A trundle bed is one of the best option because we will have a bed in case a friend or a relative comes to see the child or we will have a buck, which will help us to optimise the space.

If the bedroom is for more than one child, we can also opt for a trundle bed or for a bunk bed, which are the favourites of children.

Third step: Choose the other furniture

We have to take into account our necessities, as we have said before.

Maybe we have a room to study, so we will not need a desk in the small bedroom, or maybe we have many built-in wardrobes in other rooms, so we will not need a wardrobe in the bedroom. Taking into account our advantages and disadvantages, we will choose the furniture we need inside the bedroom.

In Takta you can find all type of children and baby furniture like night tables, chest of drawers, wardrobes, chiffoniers….

Nevertheless, the most important is that in Takta we have several collections so you can acquire all the furniture within a single collection and we will obtain a magazine bedroom.

Fourth and last step: Details

Decorative elements are decisive because it will rekindle the small bedroom.

Last year, silhouettes, picture hanger, wood garlands, letters are very fashionable.

If you want an original and unique bedroom, you have to buy hand-made and high quality decoration obtaining a different bedroom from the rest because pieces will be personal and individual.