We are happy to announce you this new Project in which we are collaborating in.


Takta is always in the latest in order to give you the best. That is why we are working with the Technological Institute of the Childcare Product and Entertaiment (AIJU) in the project PUERIPLUS “Investigation to adapt childcare articles to markets of high demand”, which is realized thanks to the funds given by the Valencian Institute of Corporate Competitivity (IVACE).

Within the framework, AIJU in collaboration with business of the childcare sector check the articles behaviour designed for domestic use when they are used in an intensive mood in different fields maintaining the levels of security.


PUERIPLUS Project has the goal of generate knowledge of high-added value and transferred to the companies in order to improve the security of the infant products adapting into the non-domestic use, that is to say, for its employment in nursery’s school, children school, hotels and public places.


As you can see and as we always tell you, we are aware in what security concern in our articles. That is why we wanted to collaborate with AIJU in this great project.


Finally, we want to say a big thank you to AIJU and to Valencian Institute of Corporate Competitivity for choosing us and our products for this project.


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